CNG Stations in Kolhapur

We have searched for CNG stations, CNG Pumps, CNG Gas filing and related services availability in Kolhapur city and Kolhapur District. Currently following fuel services are available in Kolhapur.

CNG Stations: Service Not Available in Kolhapur

LPG Gas: Yes Available

Petrol Pumps: Yes

Diesel Fuel Service: Yes

Nearest CNG Stations: Pune & Mumbai

CNG Filling stations in Solapur Maharashtra

The below said is the list of CNG filling stations in Solapur Maharashtra. We have searched for CNG pumps and services in Solapur city and nearby areas and trying to provide complete information about CNG station type, address, contact numbers and other details.

City & District: Solapur

State: Maharshtra

No. of CNG Stations: 00

Other fuel services: Petrol Pump, Diesel, Oil services

Nearest CNG stations

Pune 251 Km

Mumbai 390 Km

Hyderabad 355 Km


Pune Solapur Highway

Mumbai Solapur Highway

CNG Filling Stations in Nagpur Maharashtra

This page is dedicated to update list of CNG Filling Stations in Nagpur city of Maharashtra State. We are trying to provide every single information about CNG Pumps including their address, contact number, email ID, website, CNG Station type, timing etc. Nagpur is the 13th most populist city and second capital of Maharashtra state.

City: Nagpur

State: Maharashtra

No. of CNG Stations: 00

Other Fuel Services: Petrol Pump, Diesel and Oil, LPG services

More than 12 Petrol Pumps and related services are available in Nagpur city.

LPG gas Price Rs 54 a litre within city& Rs 51 outside

Nearest CNG Pumps




Seems to still have a long way to go from getting cheaper alternatives like auto LPG or CNG in Nagpur. CNG is out of the question until a pipeline to transport the fuel is set up: Times of India

CNG Filling stations in Akola Maharashtra

Here we provides information about CNG filling stations in Akola city in Akola District of Maharashtra state. Currently CNG gas filling service is not available in Akola. We are continuously updating information about CNG stations. Stay connected to get more information about CNG stations, their address, contact details and news.

City: Akola

District: Akola


Other Fuel Services: Petrol Pump, Diesel, Oil, LPG

Nearest CNG Stations




CNG Filling Stations in Aurangabad Maharashtra

This page is dedicated to update list of CNG Filling Stations in Aurangabad City and District of Maharashtra state. We will update name, type of CNG Station, Address, and contact details of CNG Pumps available in Aurangabad. Aurangabad is the popular tourism place.

No. of CNG Stations available: 00

City name: Aurangabad

State: Maharashtra

Famous for: Tourism

Population: Approx. 12 lakh

Other Fuel Services: Petrol Pump, Diesel and Oil services, LPG Gas

Nearest CNG Pumps:



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No news about CNG Stations in Aurangabad

CNG Filling Stations in Alibaug Maharashtra

This is the list of CNG Stations in Alibaug town located in Raigad District of Maharashtra State. Currently CNG gas filling Service is not available in Alibaug Town & Beach area. Other fuel services such as Petrol Pump, Diesel and Oil filling services are available in Alibaug. Stay connected to get updated information.

Town: Alibaug

District: Raigad

State: Maharashtra

Fuel Services: Petrol, Diesel, Oil

Nearest CNG Stations

Mumbai: 90 Km

Pune: 140 Km


CNG filling Stations in Pandharpur Maharashtra

Pandharpur is the popular city for Shri Vitthal Temple. Currently CNG filling Stations and related services are not available in this city. You can find other fuel services such as Petrol Pump, Diesel Pump, Oil and LPG gas services. We can expect availability of CNG Pumps in Pandharpur in nearest future.

City Name: Pandharpur

District: Solapur

State: Maharashtra

Fuel Services Available: LPG, Petrol, Diesel and Oil

Nearest CNG Stations

Pune: Approx. 200 Km Journey of 5 Hrs

Mumbai: Approx. 450 Km Journey of 8 Hrs


News not found about CNG stations in Pandharpur

CNG Filling Stations in Akluj Maharashtra

This is the list of CNG filling stations in Akluj City. Currently CNG Stations are not available in Akluj City. We will update this post with new updates. Stay connected to know more about CNG Pumps in Akluj, nearby areas and Maharashtra.

Nearest CNG Pumps

Pune: 4 Hrs Journey, National Highway 17

Mumbai: 7 Hrs Journey, National Highway

Major Nearby Cities

Pandharpur: 40 Km

Baramati: 70 Km

Solapur: 110 Km

Other Fuel Services

Petrol, Diesel, Oil filling services, LPG

No. of Petrol Pumps in Akluj: 04

CNG Filling Stations in Baramati Maharashtra

Currently CNG Filling stations are not Available in Baramati City or nearby areas. You can avail other fuel services such as LPG Gas, Petrol Pump, Diesel and Oil filling services. Stay connected to get new updates about availability of CNG gas in Baramati.

City: Baramati

District: Pune

State: Maharshtra

Other Fuel Services: Petrol Pump, Diesel, Oil, LPG

Nearest CNG Stations

Pune: 2 Hrs Distance

Mumbai: 5 Hrs Distance


Not found

Expected date

Expetced date of CNG Service in Baramati: 2015

Pimple Petroleum Pimpri Pune

Pimple Petroleum offers various Petroleum services such as Petrol, Diesel, LPG and CNG gas filling services. This is an online CNG filling station located on NH4 Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Pimpri. We have given all details of this CNG pump including address, Phone number and other details.





IOC Limited, Near Jai Hind,

Old Mumbai Pune National Highway (NH4)

Pimpri 411018

Phone Number


[mappress mapid=”1″]